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Take your fitness outdoors with my unique style bootcamp and stay fit over the winter.


Winter Round BOOTCAMP  - Starts Saturday 13th January 2018 - Saturdays 8:00am for 6 weeks Until 17th Feb 2018 


Fairfield Park -Stotfold

We will meet in the Bannatyne Health Club main car park at  7.50am and we will be using the public spaces around Fairfield Park - Fields

What does HIITCamp involve?

HIITCAMP is a 45 Minute outdoor fitness program that incorporates body weight, hiit, cardiovascular exercises, flexibility/stretching, and also core exercises. This bootcamp focuses on burning the maximum amount of fat and calories through high intensity HIIT body resistance exercises. BOOTCAMP experience includes constant motivation, positive reinforcement, and a fun, safe environment for all different fitness levels, ages and sizes -- everyone can handle and benefit greatly from HIITCAMP! The session will last 45 minutes from warm-up to cool down.

Who can attend HIITCamp?

  • Age 16+
  • All fitness levels 
  • Those wanting to improve fitness levels /get stronger/ challenge yourself
  • Those who enjoy training outside and don't mind getting dirty

What are the benefits of HIITCamp?

HIITCamp Training gives you a great full body workout. All muscle groups will be targeted throughout the class with cardio exercises and body weight training. Expect to feel fitter, more energised and in an improved state of mind. HIITCamp is also great for reducing common health risks attached to heart disease and diabetes.

HIITCamp is great for anyone looking to mix up their fitness regime. Every session has its own unique set of exercises to keep your body interested and give you an overall great workout.

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28 Day Fat Loss Challenge 2018
to 4 Feb

28 Day Fat Loss Challenge 2018


Reduce unwanted body fat,get fitter and stronger and on the path to the body you've always wanted in just 28 days...

With A Follow Along, Day-By-Day Plan That You Can do Anywhere, Even Do At Home

And the best part…We'll Do This Together. 

Understand, what I’m offering you isn’t a product or a program. It’s an opportunity to get coached by me and four of my fellow fitness professional to help educated, inspired, motivated and hold you accountable to get the most out of the next 28 days of your life.

Start with just 28 Days but STAY Fit Forever!

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